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Are you looking to attend a short course in or around Melbourne?

Have you been thinking that it's about time to learn something new? ... Perhaps you've been feeling like you need a new challenge that will help you grow and develop further in your life or maybe advance your career?

Whether your motivation is self-improvement or career development, or maybe simply to find a short course as part of the pursuit of a hobby or personal interest - you will find this site to be a useful guide that can point you in the right direction

Bring out the best in yourself !...... And what better way to do it than invest in improving yourself and learn some new skills.

If you're thinking about professional development, we offer a wide range of management short courses that can be delivered in-house for organisations - and also short courses that are offered on a public basis in Melbourne.

 Short Management Course

Learning and growthA two day public short management course in Melbourne - scheduled regularly every 6 - 8 weeks. If you are somewhat new to a management or supervisory position, then this course will provide you with practical tips and techniques that you need to confidently lead, motivate and develop staff. You will gain tools to help you with delegation, people management, performance coaching, team building, communication, decision making and introducing change.

For more details on the cost and content of this highly interactive short course, visit Management & Leadership Skills Course Melbourne

Short course providers

In and around Melbourne (Australia), a sample of short course providers that you might perhaps consider are listed below. Please note that there are many additional training providers - with many of these offering accredited courses that contribute to recognised qualifications (Certificate and Diploma level)

Short courses in a wide variety of subjects, which include for example : photography, make-up, dressmaking, self-defence, computer skills, business management, food hygiene, investing, carpentry, hairdressing, or book-keeping  ..... with some offering accredited apprentice and trainee training

RMIT Short courses - located in Swanston St, Melbourne CBD
Monash Short courses - located at the Clayton campus of Monash University
Kangan TAFE - with campuses at Essendon, Broadmeadows, Richmond and Docklands
CAE Short courses Melbourne -located at 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD
Holmesglen TAFE Short Courses - located at Waverley Rd, Glen Waverley
Victoria University Short Courses - located in Footscray, with campuses in Melton and Sunshine
Swinburne Short Courses - located 196 Flinders St, Melbourne, also with a campus in Wantirna
Inner East Group Training - located in Ringwood, offering online Certificate & Diploma courses in Business, Customer Service, Management, and more short courses
Northern Melbourne Polytechnic - various campuses Preston, Prahran, Collingwood, Epping

What you should enquire about ....
Before registering for any short course, you need to carefully consider the following points:
  1. the cost and affordability of the course
  2. the content of the course and whether it will meet your needs
  3. the convenience of the location
  4. the experience of the trainer and the style of course delivery
  5. the likely size of the group (ie. number of participants)
  6. whether you are looking for any type of "formal" accreditation from the course - and if so, will this be provided. Usually you can receive a certificate of attendance - but this is definitely not the same as something that will contribute towards a recognised formal qualification. If you are seeking a formal qualification such as a Diploma for example, then chances are that you will need to be prepared to commit to something considerably more than a short one or two day course - and you also will need to undertake some assessment in the course.
Some of this type of information will be readily available within the published course description - but you may need to call the provider to ask some of these questions. Hope this has been of some help to you.

About the author
Brian Carroll is the founder of a management development and leadership training company, Performance Development, based in Melbourne, Australia.  He is a qualified psychologist and experienced interview coach, who has a passion for helping people achieve their potential. You can find out more about Brian at his Google + profile