Becoming More Assertive

If you are looking for a short course in Assertiveness skills, chances are that you feel there are too many times when you are not speaking up and saying what you really think.

It was fairly early in my working career when I came to realise that there were certain types of people who would take advantage of you, if you let them. They would ask for and expect you to help them, they would give you their work or set unreasonable deadlines on delegated tasks - and I found it difficult to deal with such demanding people.
It was not easy for me to say no or to speak up in meetings for example, I recall feeling envious of people who seemed to have that self-assurance and confidence that I craved. It was many years before I started to learn to become more assertive - and I am now fairly comfortable in most situations to speak out with confidence and to assert my needs (although, I would still admit to occasional lapses)

If you do attend a short course in Assertiveness Skills, you'll very likely find that one of the associated topics that you explore will be self-esteem. Feeling good about ourselves and believing that we are a good and worthwhile individual deserving of respect is central to learning how to assert ourselves.

In the following short video clip, I share some of the things I have learned over the past twenty or more years about how to become more assertive   .....

Assertiveness e-workbook
And in case you don't have the time to attend a course but would still like to learn more about how you can become more assertive in your life, maybe consider our Assertiveness e-workbook. It contains ideas and some self-reflection exercises that might help you make some of the changes that are necessary - we email you a soft copy of the workbook which you will always have available to you. Here's a short video clip below that explains a bit more about it ....