Business Writing

Business writing courseIs your company looking for a a short course on Business Writing Skills?  Our training shows your staff how they can be more persuasive and more efficient with their writing of emails, correspondence and reports.

We offer an in-company short course that is delivered in-house for your company, and will provide clear direction and guidelines to your staff in .....
  1. How to convey their ideas through the written word, in a clear and coherent manner
  2. Contemporary rules for business writing that relate to emails, correspondence and letters
  3. How to prepare and present a report - whether it is a business case or a project progress report for example
Your staff will gain an understanding of all the major elements of business writing that are needed for conveying a professional image, including the importance of ...
- Layout
- Language and tone
- Formatting

Help your staff learn how to write in such a way they are more likely to influence and gain support of their reader

Your company simply cannot afford to have staff who are untrained in proper business writing etiquette. Untold damage to your reputation and brand can be done when emails and correspondence are sent to your customers on behalf of your business, that fail to adhere to simple and basic rules of good written communication.

Find out more about the course content at Business writing course outline

Tailored to your requirements

Our course presenter brings more than 15 years of experience in business writing skills training - and will tailor the course content to meet the experience and requirements of the target group. Samples of the written work of participants are collected prior to the course, to help ensure the course is targeting the needs and working environment of the group.

Improved writing efficiency

This training will improve the written communication skills of your staff and help them prepare their written work much more efficiently - reducing the time needed for corrections and editing

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