Training for Business Skills

What should you look for in a business course?

The answer depends upon your goals and reasons for doing the course. Are you thinking of going into business and wanting to prepare yourself, or are you already running a small business and realise it's more demanding than what you'd anticipated.

Or, maybe you're chasing a business qualification to help advance your career, or to help your chances of gaining approval for a business loan or government grant ....... If you are searching for a short course in Business, then you've probably already thought about some of the types of skills that you need to succeed in business. One of the key capabilities that a good business short course should equip you with is the ability to develop and implement a business plan, which includes  ...
  1. Financial skills - learning how to estimate revenue from your projected customer sales and to estimate all of your necessary major business expenditure, together with having an easy-to-use accounting system for tracking and controlling your business costs. The major accounting systems used in small business are MYOB or Quickbooks - you would likely benefit from training in one of these accounting packages
  2. Marketing skills - helping you to define the "6 P's" for your business ... Product, Price, Position, Promotion, Packaging, so that you can generate the major driving P for your business, Profit. The course should give you an understanding of what you need to do in order to differentiate your business from your competitors
  3. Human Resources & Management skills - a good business short course will show you how to recruit good staff and how to motivate and manage them effectively, so that the best standards of customer service are consistently maintained.
  4. Operational skills - the course should guide you in how to develop efficient operating policies, procedures and processes to support your on-going business sustainability. The course should provide you with an understanding of all legislative requirements and obligations for a business - including your legal duty of care to your staff and customers.
Business Management Courses
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You may be aware of the statistics that reveal two out of every three new businesses fail within their first two years.  This could suggest that there are entrepreneurs who are either not undertaking adequate market research to test the feasibility of their idea, or they are not getting the training in business management that they need

Maybe you're in the corporate world and wanting a formal business management qualification to help further your career, or perhaps you are a small business owner wanting a short course in business management to gain some practical tools and techniques to assist you in your business. 

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