Influence & Negotiation

influencing & negotiating skills training courseIs your company looking for a short course on Influencing & Negotiating Skills? ....

We offer either a one or two day course that has a focus on skill development and workplace application.

Our in-company course is designed to enable participants to ....
  • recognise different sources of power and influence
  • develop a range of influencing techniques
  • adjust their influencing and communication style with different people
  • develop a framework for approaching negotiations in a more planned and methodical way
  • apply their influencing skills with greater intent during a negotiation
  • manage concession trading much more confidently during a negotiation
  • recognise and respond to manipulative tactics from aggressive opponents
  • build and manage relationships with key stakeholders and be able to manage their expectations

We can deliver the course on-site within your company in or around Melbourne, for up to ten of your staff. The course is highly interactive and will improve the influencing and negotiating capabilities of your staff - to the benefit of your organisation.

Contact us for more information about this intensive course - Ph (03) 9725 3777

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