Interview Training

Winning at the Job Interview

Are you looking for a short course to improve your skills in facing the job interview? If you've had some experience with interviews, then you may have already learned that the best person for the job does not necessarily win it, unless they are also able to positively sell themselves at the interview.

As unfair and unreasonable as it may seem, the reality of the employment market now-days is that you have to be able to present yourself clearly and confidently at the job interview.  Yes, your experience and technical expertise are critical, but just as important is your ability to convey to an interviewer what you have to offer.

Interview skills can be improved and developed like any other set of skills, and the right short course should give you plenty of opportunity for practice, as well as offer you direction in what to expect at the job interview.

Ensure that any interview skills training you are considering is presented by someone who actually knows what they are talking about, and perhaps themselves has actually worked in recruitment and knows authoritatively what interviewers are looking for in an interviewee. Some really great advice on how to prepare and present at the job interview is offered at Interview Tips

In the short video clip below, I share five ideas that might help you gain an edge at the interview ....

Interview Coaching in Melbourne

If you are looking for one-on-one interview training within the Melbourne area, then contact Brian Carroll at  Performance Development  ph (03) 9725 3777.

Interview training and interview coaching can offer you a great chance to prepare and practice your interview skills, and thereby build some extra confidence........ Speaking of confidence, here's a short video in which I offer some suggestions on coping with interview nerves

 If you're looking for an interview coach .....