Stress Management

Dealing with stress

Yes life can be stressful - but some people handle it better than others. You can learn techniques to gain control over stress levels in your work and life through our in-company short course

There will always be change happening in the workplace, financial pressures impacting our lifestyle, conflicts that we encounter with family or co-workers and disappointments experienced in life. These things can cause stress and some training in stress management techniques can ensure that you develop healthy ways of  coping with stress, so we can remain positive and resilient.

Stress has caused some people to become alcoholics and others to become workaholics - but running away from our problems won't help us to find solutions.A basic principle of stress management is the need identify and admit to what is causing stress and strain in your life, so that you can start to take the steps you need to improve the situation.

In-company stress management training ...... We offer a stress management course which can help staff to recognise the signs of stress, identify common causes of stress and provide practical strategies for both dealing with and also preventing harmful stress. The course can be delivered in or around Melbourne and can be tailored to the needs of the group.

If you are looking for stress management ideas to help you improve the way you are dealing with stress, then the following short video clip will be of interest.

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